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The meta description is cut off at ~920 pixels on desktop and at ~680px on mobile. Bing and Yahoo cut off the description at ~980px HTML Meta Description Tag Length. The suggested length of meta description is somewhere between 150 to 160 characters including spaces. You can even use fewer. The end of November saw a spike in the average length of SERP snippets. Across 90K results, we found a definite increase but many oddities, such as video snippets What is a meta description? The meta description is a short text you can add to your post or page. It is sometimes shown in the snippet of your page in Google's.

But it will help you decide on the right length of your meta description, as your description may be cut short if Google adds publish dates to your articles. So check if Google does that first! If it does, select 'show' While there's no minimal or maximal meta title length for the text in the description, Google recommends making sure that it's long enough to be fully shown in Google results (note that users may see different sized snippets depending on how and where they search) Following changes to the way Google displays search snippets in May 2018, we have updated this post to reflect the changes. Meta Description Length 2018 - What's.

Just recently, Google expanded the length allowed in the meta description tag. That means all the tags on your website will need to be changed Local Search Tools; Our collection of local search tools that we have found helpful along the way In May 2018, after the change of meta description length from 1,750 pixels to 920 pixels I noticed that Google often generates its own meta description from the page content instead of from the meta tags. Sometimes even if the searched keywords match title and description meta tags. It's unpredictable to say if Google will respect the meta description tags or no Enter your meta title here to check if it is between 50 - 65 characters long to keep it in accordance with Google's maximum title length threshold Google has expanded their meta description length to a max of 320 characters. This means there are now 4-6 lines of description in the SERP's. These tips for HTML.

Google Meta Title & Description Length Preview Tool Measures in Pixels Use this free Google SERP snippet optimization tool as a guide when creating your Title and Meta descriptions. Awesome Free Tool to Test Your Title & Meta Description Tags for Google Search The ideal Meta Description length for search engines is 155 characters or less with spaces. Remember that character count is with spaces. Remember that character count is with spaces In December we wrote about Google supporting meta descriptions up to 320 characters. In May they started making changes to the length of the meta description again

Meta Description Generator does four things: It writes your meta description tag code as you type your description. It counts the character length of what you are. Find articles, step-by-step instructions, and advice for getting the most out of our Joomla and WordPress templates and plugins

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  1. You'll also learn why your site's meta descriptions are so important, as well as the best length for your meta descriptions (especially taking into account Google.
  2. While technically not a meta tag, this tag is often used together with the description. The contents of this tag are generally shown as the title in search results (and of course in the user's browser)
  3. Meta Description Length The ideal length of your meta descriptions is, well, not so lengthy: no more than 160 characters , including spaces. But that ideal length has also changed somewhat in the last few years
  4. Meta Description Tag Length: It's not the number of words that count. It's actually the number of characters length. Because, Google will cut off.

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Thanks to the increased description length, you'll have a better opportunity to promote your brand online. In this article, we'll go over the meta description tag. As Google update came in December 2017 that length of the Meta Description tag is increased from 160 to 320 characters. Hi @madschoolbranding and a warm welcome to the forum

Maximum length of displayed meta description used to be 156 characters for years with some experiments from Google, but as of December 2017, it will display a much longer version - 320 characters. UPDATE 2 2018: As of May 2018, Google reinstated the original meta description length, see below. If you want to play it safe, just adhere to the 156 chars limit in the future What Is The Perfect Meta Description Length? First of all you may be wondering what exactly a 'meta description' is. It is defined as a snippet of information that is shown when you show up in a search engine. This is a description that should be long enough that they are sufficiently descriptive somewhere between 5 It's the same with your meta description. If the individual gets past the page title and hasn't committed to clicking on it yet, they'll further determine the utility behind your webpage based on the few seconds they'll spend reading your meta description. If your meta description can get you more clicks, and therefore traffic and potentially conversions on your webpage, THEN those factors will start counting towards your ranking Enter your meta description below into the box, to find the length. Read more About Title Tags After choosing the keywords carefully you will be targeting to rank for add them to your title tags section of your website pages In the recent past best practice dictated 155-160 characters was around the right length for a Meta Description. Now the consensus is that Meta Descriptions up to 320 characters are acceptable , although 300 characters are probably the safer limit to work with

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  1. Meta Description (Length) This is the length of the meta description tag contents in characters, including letters, spaces, numbers and punctuation. Raptor's web crawler calculates this value and makes it available for download when you are exporting reports
  2. May 26, 2016 · Length: a meta description should be no longer than 135 - 160 characters long (although Google has recently been testing longer snippets). Any longer and search engines will chop the end off, so make sure any important keywords are nearer the front
  3. Google released one of the biggest updates on December 20th, 2017 which expands the character length of meta descriptions to 320 characters, instead of the standard 150 - 160 characters limit. You'll notice a change in the SERP's, where instead of there being 2 lines of a meta description, there can be 4-6 lines of meta description length
  4. I'm rather happy with the meta description we wrote for our coupon pages. We know what you're here for and that you probably already have a shopping cart loaded up in another tab, so we cut right to the chase, use a little dynamic proof of concept
  5. A meta description or a meta tag is the last stop on a search journey. If you don't create a good meta description then you're wasting a golden marketing opportunity. Someone has found your site
  6. In QuixRank, we provide you with feedback about the length of your meta description. In this article, we'll give you some information about meta descriptions in.
  7. Moz states the optimal length of a meta description to be between 150 - 160 characters, and most SEOs tend to agree that the optimal length of a meta description is around 155 characters to ensure full display in the SERPs

However, we never had a limit on meta description tag length before, as we covered earlier this year. So, there's no need for publishers to suddenly expand their meta description tags, if they. Meta descriptions have been increased by 100 characters per line, and extended from two to three lines. That's a significant increase, and presents far more of an opportunity to tell searchers. Here is an example of a web page without the viewport meta tag, and the same web page with the viewport meta tag: Tip: If you are browsing this page with a phone or a tablet, you can click on the two links below to see the difference

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Meta Keywords doesn't make any improvements in SEO, use Meta Description instead. Google says Google has ignored the keywords meta tag for years FYI, different search engines show different number of characters of meta description and title tags A well-written meta description or lack thereof can often make or break your website's presence in the search engines. We perform all sorts of ninja SEO tricks to. Add fields for title and meta description on post, pages, categories, tags and WooCommerce products. Joca 30+ installations actives Testé avec 4.4.18 Mise à jour il y a 3 années Improved Meta Description Snippet

At the end of 2017, Google extended the meta description length from 155 characters to 320 characters. You might be wondering what this means for you Meta description length too short. This means that the URL in question has a meta description with too few characters. Why is this important? The meta description is. Eine Meta Description Länge von 130 bis 160 Zeichen ist optimal. Der Inhalt der Meta Description sollte die Suchenden zum Klick auf dein Ergebnis animieren. Hierzu bietet sich eine kurze Zusammenfassung nach dem AIDA-Prinzip an A meta description is text within your HTML code that is sometimes returned in the search engine results. It is a summary of what your page content is about and is. The recommended length of meta description tag has changed several times in recent years. In December 2017 the limit at which Google truncates your description was.

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  1. Enter your title tag, meta description, and URL to see how they'll appear in a Google search result. Helpful reading: The New Character Length for Google SERP.
  2. Meta Tags Checker - Check Page Title & Meta Description Pixel Length. The Google SERP snippet optimization tool is a completely unpaid/free online tool that lets.
  3. How can you check your meta description lengths in WordPress? If you are using a good WordPress SEO plugin, like Yoast, they make meta description length something.
  4. De meta description is het stukje code dat geplaatst wordt in de header van een webpagina, in de broncode. Het ontwikkelen van goede meta description is, net als een goede title tag , belangrijk voor de zoekmachine optimalisatie

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meta description (メタ The length of snippets is dynamic. We're not stating a maximum length because of this. — Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) 2018年5月14 日. 各ページ異なるメタディスクリプションを記述. Googleは、サ. Google shows 69 Characters (Including Spaces) for Page Title. Google shows 156 Characters (Including Spaces) for Meta Description. It should also be known that if you. A few months ago, in December 2017, Google extended the tag Meta description term which is good news for SEO because they can better explain their services and. Surprised-kid---Google-Changing-Meta-Description-Length. I know, right?! How long should my Meta Description be? Google is now saying that the maximum length for a. The meta title & description tags are used to give a brief introduction about our content in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). They have huge impact on.

I know that the recommended meta description length should be between 150 and 160 characters. However, on a website I am working on I have to make use of various php. Meta description lengths are decreasing again. It was only a few months ago that we were telling you about the increase in character length for meta descriptions, and. Meta description is a short and precise description of the content of a page. It's longer than meta title. It helps search engine greatly. Most of the search engines. In short, Google does not use information in the keywords meta tag or the description meta tag to actually rank pages, but it does use the meta description text to create search snippets. Sometimes. Sometimes SEO's have watched with interest over the last 8 months as Google has changed meta description length. An exciting change happened in November 2017 that quickly.

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Google officially increases length of snippets in search results Company says change is meant to provide more descriptive snippets You can check the pixel width of your title, the character length of your description, and test how different keywords within your description will look when bolded. For more on-page SEO help, be sure to read our on-page SEO checklist Ever since Google dropped the length of the descriptions in the search results last week, many SEOs have been freaking out about the fact they rewrote meta. Does Google see and use more of the description tag than the 160 characters - even though it will only show about 160 at a time?I decided to run an experiment to find ou When is the last time you wrote a Meta description and did not struggle with the word limit? We have to edit it at least twice to squeeze in all important keywords.

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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Meta descriptions in Google search results ARE longer. These descriptions show up right underneath the link to each search result In a place of meta keywords optimization, you should focus on optimizing meta title and meta description that plays an important role in the on-page SEO. So, to do this you can use meta tags length checker tool

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Google meta description length challenges search engine marketing professionals and how they write snippets for the search engine results page What does this mean? Do you have to update every article's meta description? Well, I won't. I did a couple of Google searches for the keywords my articles rank for From what I understand, there is no maximum content length for meta tags in general, just recommendations to keep them under certain lengths for SEO reasons. I'd be curious to know if there is a hard limit and what the limits are for what is visible on a link posted to Facebook The meta description tag is a member of the meta elements of your web page. We have already discussed the meta keywords tag and title tag (which isn't really a meta tag but some lump this in when discussing meta tags)

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What is the maximum length of title and meta description tag in HTML for SEO - There are no hard and fast rules regarding the length of title and meta description tags If you need help with your Page Title composition, feel free to send us a mail, or see our contact us page. Meta Description Length Tool. Pre-November 2017 best.

Meta Description is a HTML tag that is part of the Meta Elements used to specify and summarize the content of a webpage. Meta Description tags are important because search engines use them as snippets in search results. Learn more in our guide As we all know that Meta description is very crucial part of On-Page SEO activity and it is a 320 characters snippet (changes in December 2017) that shows by the.

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The meta description tag is an interesting one from an SEO standpoint. It is a very important tag given it's potential impact on clickthrough rates in the SERPs as. In December 2017, Google increased the meta description length from 155 to 300 characters. By adding more characters in the meta description, you have the opportunity to provide searchers with additional information that entices them to click Although a quality meta description might not directly raise your site's rankings, it does play an important role in attracting well-qualified traffic What Is The Perfect Meta Description Length? First of all you may be wondering what exactly a 'meta description' is. It is defined as a snippet of information that is.

The meta description is a short text preview displayed for each search result that summarizes a page's content. Search engines show the meta description when it's. The Yoast Analytics plugin lets you easily connect your website to Google Analytics and keep track of all your site traffic and key metrics in real-time This post discusses what meta descriptions are and shows you how to add a meta description in WordPress! This description is a good length - 298 characters - and concisely explains what the post is all about The 2018 meta description length is growing. Google now allows up to 320 characters. Longer meta descriptions will affect the number of clicks you may get on your. Meta Description Checker. The meta description tag is an important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so getting the meta description length just right is.

Please check your website meta description and if it shown 160 character length then for top search engine page rank put more words up-to 290 character .Make sure your description tell the exact. Meta Description Tag, Meta Description length, Meta Description Html and Meta Description Exampl They recommend keeping the length of a meta description under 300 characters. The length may vary somewhere between 50 to 300 characters. However, whatever the length of meta description is, it should be precise and long enough that it conveys the main idea of the article quite impressively What Are Meta Tags? Meta Tags are used by Google and other search engines in some not-so-obvious ways. QUOTE: Meta tags are a great way for Webmasters to provide.

Check your Google SERP preview for title and meta description length with our FREE Rich Snippet Generator. Have you optimized your meta tags to the latest google. But the real length of meta description for a desktop computer is 1,750 px (note: it was 920px before the update in December). Luckily, there are many tools that will show you a preview of your meta description copy What does the perfect meta description look like? For a long time, the optimal length for the description's text was about 150 characters including spaces 13 Responses to How to Write a Killer Meta Description Susan Hallam February 15, 2013 I have corrected these three misplaced characters, and thanks for the feedback